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The bagel is much more than a bread roll with a hole.

Bagels traditionally consist of a yeast dough, which are formed into rings and cooked before baking. They are part of everyday life in the USA and Canada. You can find them on every street corner and in all variations. Natural, with poppy seeds, sesame seeds or sprinkled with onions as well as some sweet variations with raisins, cinnamon or blueberries – the variety knows hardly any limits. Bread rings are also enjoying increasing popularity in Germany.

In the US, bagels are mostly enjoyed with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Bagelmaschine Runge

Of course there are countless other variations on how to top a bagel. Ultimately, the dough ring only forms the basis for everything your heart desires and enhances the snack area.

Our automatic bagel machine consists of two parts that can also be used separately from each other. The dough divider shapes the dough strands into the specified weight range and transfers the dough piece to the former. The former processes the piece of dough into a bagel. The acceptance is done by hand using a turntable.

Combination options: The bagel machine can easily be loaded via a side discharge.

On request, it is possible to place a StreuFIX (for seeding) behind the system. The machine is produced in a well-known company in Flensburg (Kitzinger Maschinenbau)

If you have any questions, please ask.

Now with seeding / sprinkling